The New Klezmer Ensemble


Also known by its founding name, the New Klezmer Quintet, Big Shot Records introduces the New Klezmer Ensemble, an alternative Klezmer/World music band with a unique, progressive sound that rocks!

The New Klezmer Ensemble includes fiddle, clarinet, guitar, bass, drums. keys  and vocals, a World Klezmer band that plays both traditional and original music. However, they don’t sound like any other Klezmer band because they arrange their music to fit their own character and style, a distinct multicultural sound that keeps each song sounding fresh and different.

When they write their own music, they intentionally blend World Klezmer with elements of Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Bluegrass, creating a sound like nothing you’ve heard before. They love Klezmer and World music, but they love the sounds of other genres just as much. Putting it all together, you get fun, upbeat, modern and engaging music, It’s a unique sound that’s contagious and rocks the house!

The New Klezmer Ensemble is not about tradition….but about combining many traditions. Their goal is to bring many influences together to create an entirely new music, from melodies to rhythms to lyrics. The band also shares stories and tidbits of history and humor while interacting with the audience as they move from song to song. They demonstrate how the music of many cultures can be combined to redefine the sound of Klezmer today.

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