Brian Choper Nexus Rock Show


Nexus stands out from other bands because they perform popular and iconic Classic Rock songs that are craved by Rock lovers, yet rarely played live, as most bands simply cannot handle performing them in their true form. This expanded and technically complex repertoire makes Nexus a very exciting and fresh band that draws people to their live shows. The band is dedicated to totally rocking out, recreating the sounds, vibes and energy of the original bands that played this music back in the day. Their musicality and passion during performances makes their live shows thrilling, engaging audiences to be a part of the action by singing and waving along to the rhythm while filling up the dance floor!

Nexus is available to perform at a variety of venues including clubs, concerts and festivals as well as special occasions including corporate events and private parties. If you love Rock ‘N Roll and want a concert and a party…. if you’re looking for a true Classic Rock ‘N Roll band that will leave an impression and encourage a return visit…. if you’re looking to attract a crowd to a Classic Rock show, Nexus is that band!

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