Gigs for Good provides great entertainment and value to non-profit organizations such as Susie’s Cause, and other corporate entities. Through our decades of experience and expertise in the music business, we have developed a roster of talented bands, artists and DJs representing various genres and types of music. Beyond our own roster, we can book popular bands and artists from around the country to perform at any event at any location.


Brian Choper Nexus Rock Show

Founded by BigShot Records’ owner and drummer Brian Choper, Nexus grew out of his vision for a great party band that makes any event where they perform memorable. Choper hand-picked a talented group of musicians to perform classic and…

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Brian Choper jazz Project with Peter Cannella

The Brian Choper Jazz Project with Peter Cannella is currently performing concerts in tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra. The concerts feature Cannella performing Sinatra’s most popular songs with the unforgettable style and finesse of the legend himself.  The…

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The Palovations

Inspired by early Motown legends of the ’60s and ’70s and R&B artist of the 70s and 80s, THE PALOVATIONS © grew up in the rapture of the music from that time. They have cultivated their silky-smooth vocals to…

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Nexus Power Trio

Bigshot Records presents Nexus, the record label’s in-house Classic Rock band! This band was conceived by drummer Brian Choper, founder and owner of Bigshot Records, who is already known for having founded several successful bands over the past 20…

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New York Minute

The New York Minute has been serving amazing clients for eight years now providing the BEST in live music & event production. We offer a one set rehearsed band. New York Minute is available from 7 to 21 pieces….

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Larry Brown Jazz Band

Pianist Larry Brown leads one of the most accomplished straight-ahead jazz groups in the Mid-Atlantic area, having performed at An Die Musik, Blues Alley, the Meyerhoff, the Kennedy Center, the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, East Coast Jazz Festival, Baltimore-Washington Jazz…

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Mission Jupiter Band

At the very beginning the project was formed as an experimental one. It is interesting that all members of the band have different musical tastes. Therefore this fact made them to create music, which could satisfy all their musical…

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Known for their straightforward lyrics and no holds barred approach to music, popular Chicago based band ‘ST8 of Grace’ is back with a brand new album entitled “Hereafter.”After taking one listen to their latest offering it becomes apparent that…

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Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul

Sir Joe Quarterman was an unfairly overlooked funk and soul singer influenced by — but not imitative of — James Brown. Honing his chops in church choirs and various vocal groups, Quarterman earned the nickname “Sir” in high school…

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Potomac Jazz

The band’s repertoire ranges from the classic early jazz works, through swing, bop and cool, and on into the modern era. Whether you want to have music in the style of Ellington, Gershwin, Parker, Sinatra, Jobim, Billie Holiday, Miles…

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The New Klezmer Ensemble

When they write their own music, they intentionally blend World Klezmer with elements of Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Bluegrass, creating a sound like nothing you’ve heard before. They love Klezmer and World music, but they love the sounds…

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The Wannabeatles

When it comes to recreating the fun and excitement of the most popular band in music history, The WannaBeatles more than live up to their name.
As befits their Grammy finalist status, they are the only tribute act to have…

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Gloria Estefan tribute band

New York Minutes Gloria Estefan Tribute Band — Get ready to do the CONGA with NIKKI TORRES and her BAD BOYS band! Their RHYTHM IS GONNA GET YOU on YOUR FEET in 1,2,3…COME OUT OF THE DARK and into…

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Escapade is a high-energy, dance music, show band that will take you from Motown, through the 80’s and culminate in a “dance-til-you-drop” groove fest of today’s hits. This 10 piece show delivers driving dance beats, sizzling horns and five…

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Asala specializes in Egyptian bellydance, various Arab and Persian folk dances, and Bollywood dance. A seasoned artist in the DC area since 2007, she regularly entertains weddings, corporate events, festivals, fundraisers, and birthday celebrations. Her effortless musicality and seamless…

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