Gigs for Good (GFG) is a project that enables the company, friends and invited affiliates to give back to communities in the form of social enterprise. WEC and its owners have always cared about music and about how the arts affect humanity. We believe that without art, people lose creativity, and without creativity, people are challenged in developing innovative creative solutions to both local and world problems. With the arts being eliminated from our schools and the primary focus on math and science, creative teaching becomes absent from society. It is WEC’s hope that through GFG, we can bring the arts to communities that might not otherwise get that exposure, and help reveal artistic and cultural experiences from a new perspective.

Arts that Make a Difference

Our upcoming benefit is a concert featuring The New Klezmer Quintet at Messiah Lutheran Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Saturday January 26, 2013
901 North 6th Street (at the corner of 6th and Forster Streets)
Harrisburg, PA 17102

Simultaneously we will:

  • Support The Religion and Society Center in announcing its effort to connect different parts of Harrisburg through the local network of faith communities;
  • Honor Mike Sand, a prominent local activist;

To find out more about this wonderful event and purchase tickets, Click Here.