Gigs for Good

Providing great entertainment value for non profit and other corporate entities.

Who We Are

Gigs For Good – was founded by Brian Choper (founder of WEC and Big Shot Records) is a social enterprise (a for profit organization interested in doing social good for society) which works with A-List, quality musical entertainment in the form of live bands and live entertainers to provide non-profit organizations and corporations great and economical music options as they host fundraising galas, dinner parties, fundraising events or any other production that is organized for purposes of raising awareness or money for social good or likewise worthy purposes.


What We Do

Through our decades of experience and expertise in the music business, we have developed a roster of talented bands representing various genres and types of music. Beyond our own roster, we can book popular bands and artists from around the country to perform at any event at any location. In addition to providing musical entertainment, we can provide event production services including sound, lighting, video recording and streaming and press. Gigs For Good also has the capabilities of assisting non-profit organizations and corporations with event management and national promotion to ensure success beyond any current roster, mailing list or guest-list, all in catering to the needs of the organization and their goals.